J Bar T Highland Cattle Co.

We are a small family farm breeding Highlanders for beef and show. Our home is in Bennett, CO and we have a small farm in Flagler, CO.  We carefully select quality Highland Cattle that we will market for sale.  As such, there are time when we will not have cattle for sale.

Our goal is to produce through purchase and breeding a high quality fold of Highland animals that exhibit the attributes we believe are most important to preserving and improving the breed.  

Primarily, we are looking to retain the animals that demonstrate superior growth and size without additional feed.  

Purebred Breeding Program

Breeding and developing quality traits in our Highland  cattle to improve the herd.

Traits we look and breed for:

- Good hooves and feet

- Quality Udders

- Easy Calving

- Self-Sustaining

- Mild Temperament

- Breed standard conformation

- High quality carcass production

Beef Marketing

- Raising the best natural beef concentrating on tenderness and taste 

- Our Highland Beef is finished on the unique blend of natural local grains and corn mix  or a grass finish.

- We can usually be found at the Elizabeth Farmers Market on Saturdays during the summer.  We also sell beef at the Bennet farmers markets.

Show Ring

Our goal in the show is to measure the effectiveness of our breeding program and evaluate how competitive our herd is when evaluated against the best in the country. 


Our headquarters is in Bennett, Colorado.  

Breeding and Selling Quality Scottish Highland Beef and Cattle in Colorado