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J Bar T Highland Cattle Company markets the highest quality Highland beef by raising and finishing Highland cattle with uncompromising standards.

All J Bar T beef are naturally raised on pasture and are hormone free.  

Our 'grain finished' beef offering is beef that are supplemented with a proprietary local Colorado grain blend that creates fantastic beef tastes.

Our 'grass fed finished' beef offering is beef that is naturally finished on pasture and free choice grass.  Again an astonishingly tasty beef product.

All beef is dry aged for at least 21 days prior to cutting and packing.

Advantages of Natural Beef

Beef that is raised naturally on pasture and open range have  distinct advantages over commercially raised beef programs.  

The beef produced from a natural program will take longer to finish and obviously cost more to produce.  However, the advantages are a healthy happy animal producing high quality carcasses.  

Advantages of Highland Beef

Highland beef has at least 4 distinct advantages


        Highland Beef Overall 4.5 g/ 100g 
        Other Breeds Beef Overall 15.6 g/ 100g 


       Highland Beef Overall 40.9 mg/100g 
       Other Breeds Beef Overall 64.3 mg/100g 


       Highland Beef Overall 20.7 g/100g 
       Other Breeds Beef Overall 18.6 g/100g 

  • IRON 

      Highland Beef Overall 2.1 mg/100g 
      Other Breeds Beef Overall 2.0 mg/100g 

* Scottish Agricultural College, Dept. of Food Science and Technology published by McCance & Widdowson, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Need some additonal proof about the superiority of Highland beef?  

Check out this study from the University of Glasgow.


Beef Processing

J Bar T beef is processed at a family owned and operated Colorado USDA Meat Processing facility.

Most beef carcasses will enter at least a 21 day dry aging period before being processed into retail cuts.  The aging is conducted in a temperature controlled environment resulting in increased tenderness and intensified flavoring.

All cuts are vacuum sealed in plastic wrap ensuring quality freezer storage.

Beef Cuts and Prices

Carcass Prices

Whole -$7.00 lb

1/2 - $7.50 lb.

1/4 - $8.00

Ordering Information

Beef can be ordered in bulk or by the piece by contacting us through email.  We can deliver or you can pick up.  Our beef is stored at the Elizabeth, CO Meat Locker.  

Breeding and Selling Quality Scottish Highland Beef and Cattle in Colorado