J Bar T's Iron Mike(SOLD)


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J Bar T’s Iron Mike is an incredibly gentle yearling bull with demonstrated growth and size who is going to be fine herd sire.  

Iron Mike will bring legendary genetics and potential to your breeding program. On the sire side is Trafalgar  Nathan and Summit Ranch Stella, the dam side brings in prestigious western bloodlines.  He comes out of our breeding program that is focused on producing substantial, fast growing Highland beef with minimal feed supplementation.  We believe this one is going to excel.  

Iron Mike was the Reserve Grand Champion bull at the 2016 Boulder County Fair as an 8 month old, finishing on top of more senior bulls. He also represented the Senior Bull Calf Champion in the NWSS Highland Bull Championship Drive 2016.  

He was the runner up on the AHCA Roll of Excellence for Senior Bull Calf.  In October 2106, Iron Mike was selected as Reserve Grand Champion at the Husker State Highland Classic in York NE.  

Raised mostly on pasture and first cutting alfalfa through the winter, MIke was 925 lb. at 13 months at the official weigh in at the 2016 NWSS.   Weighing in at the Husker show, he was 1402 lb. at 22 months in October 2016.  

He will be in the AHCA sale in January unless you get him first !


Sire - HSC Steel Reserve

Dam - WPL Maureen

NWSS Metrics (13 Months Old)

Name                           DOB      Sex Weight   REA       BFat     %IMF    Scrotal

J Bar T's Iron Mike (D)  12/10/14  Bull  925     14.73      0.18     2.61       36

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