J Bar T’s Caitlin is a yearling heifer born in November she has just turned a year old. With outstanding bloodlines on both sides and solid black she is a cracker.
Curious and inquisitive from birth, she has developed into a solid, thick, well mannered heifer. She handles easily on the halter and will follow without the lead in the pasture.
In the photo on the left she is a couple days old.

Her Dam - J Bar T's Catrina, a solid black cow out of LEA's Jitterbug and HSC Steel Reserve. Both black in color and both passing on fast growing, thick and deep, well tempered genetics.

Her Sire - Caledonia’s Calling Heritage, an AI dun bull imported from Canada with pure Scottish genetics (Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries) on the sire side and a mix of Canadian and United States Northwest genetics (Five Star) on the dam side.

Buster in the Field

As a Yearling
The first thing one notices when observing this heifer in the field is her tremendous depth and width. She has a great thick coat which contibutes to her appearance and she is a solid black. She exhibits a clean, smooth, wide front, sprung in the rib and wide across the back and hip.

Caitlin displays poise and confidence in the pasture and the pen. She is not easily spooked or itimidated. She will lead easily on the halter, loads in the trailer and the chute without problems.
This fine yearling hiefer will be a great addition to any fold.

Caitlin Headshot
Caitlin Sideshot
Caitlin Rear
Caitlin Side