J Bar T’s Magnum is a 2 year old bull who has developed into an impressive herd bull candidate. Temperament is one of our most critical decision factors in keeping a bull. Magnum from early age has always been an easy managed, easy handling bull. He is trained to lead and respond on a halter and has been in the show ring on multiple occasions. He has spent the summer leased on multiple ranches and farms, every one has had glowing reports on his behavior and temperament.
He will be fertility certified and trich tested prior to travel.

Magnum’s sire is Caledonia’s Calling Heritage (AHCA #57379) an AI bull out of Canada from the Heritage Highland Farm through the great Scottish Highland bull Calum Seoladair Dubh 2nd of Killochries. Currently, there are only two entries in the AHCA herd book from this Scottish bull. On the dam side, he comes out of J Bar T’s Mystique who brings Trafalgar, Summit Ranch and Double LL bloodlines to the table.
Check out his Sire and Dam 5 Generation pedigree using the links above.

Magnum in the Snow

The Head
One of the first observations when looking at Magnum is the fantastic head, wide and short, it is a classic illustration of the Scottish Highland bull.

From the Higland Cattle Society "Of all the representatives of our British bovine breeds, the Highlander has the grandest and most picturesque head; it is, indeed, to his head that he owes his great favour among artists. As a rule, it is most proportionate to the body of the animal, and is broad between the eyes, while short from the eyes to the point of the muzzle. The forelock between the eyes should be wide, long and bushy, and any nakedness or bareness there is certain to detract from the appearance of the animal. Some would almost have the hair so wide there as to obscure the eyes, but this in many cases would be allowing one good point to over-shadow another...."
"...One of the most noteworthy features in a Highlander, is of course, the horns. In the bulls, the horns should be strong, and come level out of the head, slightly inclining forwards, and also slightly rising towards the points."

Back, Body and Hindquarters
Magnum presents himself as a traditional illustration of the ideal heritage Highland bull. Lengthy, with a straight, flat back leading up his neck with "that distinct crest common to all animals of the bovine species"

His hindquarters are well developed and strong. Thick and beefy, yet square and straight from the hooves all the way up to the hip and tail.

Clean fronted and wide across the chest with a strikingly powerful stance. His shoulders are heavy and well muscled in front of the rib which is boldly sprung.

Size and Growth
Magnum is typical of J Bar T Highland bulls with regard to growth. His two year old weight was 1310 lbs. resulting in a growth rate of approximately 1.8 lb per day. This gain is realized on pasture and hay.
Magnum Rear

Temperament & Handling While conformation to the breed standard is important in breeding selection we have found that despite an animals conformation, temperament is the most discriminating factor in breeding selection. Magnum from birth has demonstrated a calm intelligent demeanor, he has always been eager to please and fast to learn. Calm and confident he has the attributes desired in a herd bull.

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