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When we first started in the Highland business we had a couple of cows that we needed bred. At the time, it didn't make sense to own a bull but we found it difficult to get our cows bred. We decided that when we had good bulls we would offer high quality genetics at reasonable prices to anyone who needed it.

Our semen is drawn and stored at Rocky Mountain Sire Services in Bennett CO. We sell all our semen at $25 per straw. Rocky Mountain Sire Services handles all the shipping for us. Shipping costs are extra and are arranged between the buyer and Rocky Mountain Sire Services. If you want to estimate the cost of shipping and handling you can contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services using the link above before purchase to get a quote on the shipping costs. We recommend calling.

Purchase Process: You can purchase straws through PAYPAL. When you purchase, PAYPAL will send us an invoice with your purchase order. We contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services on the next business day and release the straws to you. We will send you an email with instructions on how to contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services and confirmation of your purchase, we include the invoice from PAYPAL for your records.