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Around since about 2003, we started with a small group of registered Highland animals from local breeders. We are a family farm, breeding Highland cattle for beef and show. Our home is in Bennett, CO and we have a small farm in Flagler, CO.

We carefully select quality Highland Cattle that we will market for sale. As such, there are time when we will not have cattle for sale.

Our goal is to produce through purchase and breeding a high quality fold of Highland animals that exhibit the attributes we believe are most important to preserving and improving the breed.

Primarily, we are looking to retain hardy, effecient animals that demonstrate superior growth and size without additional feed while always attempting to adhere to the breed standard.

We market farm grown beef, raised and finished naturally. Most of our beef is grass finished but occasionally we will finish on grain. Our grain comes from Colorado Soy, who provide a roasted grower mix.
We sell our beef by the piece, by the type (e.g. ground, stew, etc) and in bulk by 1/4, 1/2, or the whole.

Show Ring
We routinely participate in the show ring, competing at the local, regional and national levels. We enjoy meeting with other breeders with similar interests and objectives. The shows give us a chance to evaluate our animals and breeding strategies through competition and comparison. The shows also give us an opportunity to market our animal and beef.

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