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When we first started in the Highland business we had a couple of cows that we needed bred. At the time, it didn't make sense to own a bull but we found it difficult to get our cows bred.

We struggled through, however we decided that when we had good bulls we would offer high quality genetics at reasonable prices to anyone who needed it.

Our semen is drawn and stored at Rocky Mountain Sire Services in Bennett CO. Right now, we sell all our semen at $25 per straw. Rocky Mountain Sire Services handles all the shipping for us.

Shipping costs are extra and are arranged between the buyer and Rocky Mountain Sire Services.

HSC Steel Reserve (Husker)

Purchase Process
You can purchase straws through PAYPAL. When you purchase, PAYPAL will send us an invoice with your purchase order.
We contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services on the next business day and release the straws to you.

We will send you an email with instructions on how to contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services and confirmation of your purchase, we include the invoice from PAYPAL for your records.

Rocky Mountain Sire Services Contact Page

If you want to estimate the cost of shipping and handling you can contact Rocky Mountain Sire Services using the link above before purchase to get a quote on the shipping costs. We recommend calling.

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J Bar T's Jared is a brindle AI bull out of Thorbardin's Jed. Thorbardin was a large Highland beef production outfit in Wyoming with a very critical eye for quality animals. They were extremely succesful in the show ring and breeding high quality beef production animals. Jed was a National Western Grand Champion bull.

Jared, his progeny also was succesful in the show ring. As a yearling he was a Reserve Division Champion at the NWSS and also part of the Champion 'Pair of Bulls' at the same show.
Jared matured as a smaller bull, great confirmation but not as large as some of the other show bulls. He is a great option for those looking for lower birth rate calves and more heritage sized Highland cattle.

J Bar T's Jared
J Bar T's Jared
J Bar T's Jared
J Bar T's Jared at the Cornhusker Show
J Bar T's Jared
J Bar T's Jared

J Bar T's Iron Mike is a husky black bull bred from our HSC Steel Reserve bull. On the dam side, he carries the old Landelley bloodlines going back through DenJen to Jens of Five Star.
He was notable from birth as a thick, well sprung bull. Clean in the front, wide across the hip, with a great head and temperament.

As a beef bull, he excels. The ultrasound at the NWSS revealed a Rib Eye Area (REA) of 21.03 at 1596 lbs!

Iron Mike was exhibited in quite a few regional and national shows, championing in several of them. He won division titles at the NWSS twice.

He was sold at the NWSS and is currently breeding folds in Washington state. His progeny exhibit nice thickness, low birth rates, calm temperament and good conformation.

Iron Mike is a great choice for fast growing, big beef breeding. His offspring show great conformation from a show perspective they have excelled at the regional and national levels. If you're looking to add depth, muscle and temperament to your fold he is a fantastic option.

J Bar T's Iron Mike
J Bar T's Iron Mike
J Bar T's Iron Mike
J Bar T's Iron Mike
J Bar T's Iron Mike NWSS
J Bar T's Iron Mike at the 2016 NWSS

HSC Steel Reserve (Husker) was purchased at the NWSS. An ET bull bred by Husker Show Cattle out of Trafalgar Nathan and Summit Ranch Stella providing incredible genetics going way back.

He is a thick, beefy bull, very easy handling passing his superior qualities to his progeny. Husker currently has over 47 progeny registered in the American Highland Cattle Association's herdbook. It is interesting to note that 21 of 47 are black suggesting a genetic dominance in progency.

His calves have excelled in the show ring and the pasture and have added quality to many folds across the United States.

Husker is a good option for adding fast growing depth and muscle, great temperament and hardy effecient calves to your fold. He tends to pass his color.

HSC Steel Reserve
HSC Steel Reserve
HSC Steel Reserve
HSC Steel Reserve
HSC Steel Reserve
A younger HSC Steel Reserve
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